Sunday to Thursday: 11am-10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am-11pm

Do you have food?


Yes, we do! Our kitchen offers a lovely menu of elevated pub-style food. We aim to provide high quality, hand-crafted dishes ranging from street-style tacos with beer braised pulled pork to German-style cheese dip to pickled green beans to the amazing Loowit Burger.

Do you allow dogs?


Yes, dogs are welcome outside on our patio! We love dogs and are committed to providing a space for our customers to bring their 4-legged friends. That’s why we’re one of just a handful of businesses in the area with a dog variance from Clark County Public Health. This variance allows us to legally have dogs on an outdoor patio. Pets are not allowed inside the pub unless they are certified service animals.

Do you fill growlers?


Yes, you can fill a growler of any available beer in our pub and tasting room during regular hours.

We also have a bar-top canning machine! You can fill 16oz cans of any available beer to take home with you. Make it a 4-pack and get a discount!

Do you sell kegs to the public?


We do sell kegs from time to time. The beer selection is limited to what we might have on hand in inventory or what beers we happen to be kegging in a given week. Keg sizes are limited to standard 1/2 barrel and slim 1/4 barrel kegs. We do not sell 1/6 barrel kegs. To see what beers are available and when, please email with your request and one of our brewers will respond.

How can I book a show for my band at Loowit?


We occasionally have live music at the brewery. If you’re interested in being kept in mind should we have an opening, feel free to reach out. All inquiries should be emailed to:

Do you fill corny (aka cornelius) kegs?


We occasionally fill corny kegs but it is at the Brewers' discretion. Please email to see if corny fills are available.

In the event that we can fill your keg, we have strict requirements:

1) Keg must be ready to fill.
2) Keg must be clean and sanitized.
3) Keg must be pressurized to 12psi.
4) We will not clean or fix your keg.
5) If your keg does not meet the above requirements, it will be rejected and not filled.

I have an empty keg from XYZ brewery, will you fill it with your beer?


Absolutely not. You should consider returning that keg to the brewery that owns it.

Do you allow children?


Yes, children are allowed in our pub. We ask that you be respectful of our space, property and the other patrons and attend to your children while you are here.